what has four legs? a table! haha, i love to have fun

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I’ve come to the realization that I must break down the walls I’ve built up in my own head. As a human, it’s in my nature to want to label myself, as it fills the need of wanting to belong and thus create self identity. Yet, this may be limiting. I’ve reached the point where I feel that the labels I’ve chosen for myself are limiting. These labels still assist in explaining my identity, but by strictly containing myself to the box of a certain label, I have found my mind and heart stuck in a constant game of tug of war. I’ve realized that it’s okay to stop thinking logically and go with the feelings I claim as dumb. Genuine feelings should never be claimed as dumb. My head has been telling me to suppress feelings based on what I think I should believe, and that’s when I knew I needed to reevaluate myself. If at any point I fear the thoughts of society, I’ll remember that a true member of society looks at others with humanity.

That four year war is now in the past
The battle with yourself is done
When that student studies your war
When the story is told
They will envision the daily fight
The constant lack of motivation
Allowing that to be their motivation
They will learn about the weapons of destruction
Leading them to take a second look at their medicine cabinet
They will read about the red tally marks
Helping them know the sharp edge isn’t worth it
Because this battle ended in victory
Forty-eight months of sorrow
Ending in happiness
An everlasting happiness

Lipstick stains on coffee cups
City lights below
Adventure in the streets
Still in reach of home
Awakening in a warm bed
Yet rough life on the train
A choice I made all my myself
Some may say I’m insane
Into a million pieces
My heart would shatter
I crave this setting, this life
Focused on what matters